About Cascavelle

Cascavelle Shopping Village has been developed by Medine Property in 2011. This 12,000m² shopping precinct is open seven days a week and offers a lively and vibrant open-air setting with airy patios, stunning views on the sea and mountains, in a lush environment. This one stop shop of the West of Mauritius offers unique and pleasant shopping experience with some 60 outlets including supermarket, clothing, footwear, jewelry, childcare, sports and home decoration complemented by a new attractive food court with various eateries.


Cascavelle Shopping Village forms part of Uniciti, Medine’s Group smart city spread over 350 hectares on the West Coast of Mauritius. Uniciti is designed to combine the key components of a quality city life, which will ensure overall economic, social and environmental sustainability through achieving a delicate balance between residential, business, commercial, educational, healthcare, sports and recreational uses. The city is the destination for unique and diverse experiences based on Live-Work-Enjoy-Learn concept.

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